An overview of some recognition received.

  • Best paper runner up at ICML 2018 for ‘The Mechanics of n-Player Differentiable Games’ D. Balduzzi, S. Racanière, J. Martens, J. Foerster, K. Tuyls, T. Graepel, International Conference on Machine Learning.
  • Best paper award at ALA 2014 for ‘Trading in Markets with Noisy Information: An Evolutionary Analysis’
  • Winner German Open Robocup@work competition 2014 with smARTLab@work team
  • Best demo award at BNAIC 2013 with ‘Applied Robotics: Precision Placement in RoboCup@Work’
  • Runner up for best paper at BNAIC 2013 with Effective Approximations for Spatial Task Allocation Problems
  • World champion Robocup 2013 Robocup@work competition with SwarmLab@work team
  • Winner German Open Robocup@work competition 2013 with SwarmLab@work team
  • Best Demonstration Award winner, AAMAS 2012 (Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems) with “CALU: Collision Avoidance with Localization Uncertainty
  • Best paper award finalist, BNAIC 2008, “Collective Intelligent Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Elected ‘TOP DOG’, Faculty of Humanities and Sciences (FHS), best researcher FHS, MU, May 2007
  • Best paper award finalist, AAMAS 2007, “Theoretical Advantages of Lenient Q-learners: An Evolutionary Game Theoretic Perspective”
  • Awarded IWT Ph.D. grant, 2000-2004, Belgium.
  • Information Technology Prize 2000 for master dissertation: ‘machine learning techniques for fraud detection’, international jury, Belgium.